Course Syllabus

The topic of our quarter together is the ongoing process of vocational discernment, with particular attention to how vocational journeys intersect with the experience of formal theological education. The texts for this course will be the lives of the students and instructor, the lives of the mentors you choose as living conversation partners, and historical partners accessed through autobiography or oral history.


Through our work together over the quarter in a small group setting, we will attend to the following four purposes (Here are the Degree Learning Goals that these course purposes support).:

  1. Providing a small group “sacred space” where students can come to know one another, including their different faith understandings and traditions, at a deeper level than is usually experienced in their other courses. Sacred space has the expectation of honesty, transformation, and healing. It may sometimes be uncomfortable, much as athletic training can be challenging in a way that does not harm, but yields greater strength and skill.
  2. Introducing new students to Iliff, and assisting them in understanding and adjusting to the framework and characteristics of theological education, which are somewhat different from those in other kinds of educational programs students may have experienced in the past. Students will be invited into agency about their negotiation of these experiences throughout their time at Iliff.
  3. Assisting students to reflect theologically on their personal and professional identity, and their ongoing vocational discernment. Focus will move back and forth between who we are as unique individuals and the needs of institutional contexts for particular kinds of leaders.
  4. Beginning the development of personal and professional skills required to work effectively across difference in North American multicultural society. 

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