Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus:

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Required Texts:

  • Allen, Ronald (ed.), Patterns of Preaching. (ISBN: 0827229534).
  • Cho, Wha Soon, Let the Weak Be Strong. (ISBN: 0940989379)
  • Dodd, C. H., The Apostolic Preaching and Its Developments (ISBN: 0-8010-2909-0).
  • Forbes, James, The Holy Spirit and Preaching. (ISBN: 0687173094).
  • Kim, Eunjoo M., Preaching in an Age of Globalization. (ISBN: 9780664233693).
  • Lowry, Eugene, How to Preach a Parable. (ISBN: 0687179246).
  • Taylor, Barbara B., The Preaching Life. (ISBN: 156101074X)2.
  • Schade, Leah,"Earth Still Can't Get a Witness: Continued Clergy Hesitancy in Addressing Environmental Issues." (Available in Canvas).

Recommended Readings:

  • Kim, Eunjoo, Women Preaching: Theology and Practice through the Ages.  (ISBN: 0829815279).
  • Lowry, Eugene, Living with the Lectionary. (ISBN: 0687179211).
  • Ware, Corinne. Discover Your Spiritual Type: A Guide to Individual and Congregational Growth.  (ISBN: 1566991498).

Suggested Readings:

  • Bartlett, David L. and Barbara Brown Taylor (eds.), Feasting on the Word, Preaching the Revised Common Lectionary.  (ISBN: 978-0-664-23105-7, etc.).
  • Rose, Lucy, Sharing the Word: Preaching in the Roundtable Church (ISBN: 0664256589).

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