Course Syllabus


Course Synopsis:  This course is designed to provide an opportunity to individually explore your assets and areas of growth. Our conversation examines the particular values and habits you bring to personal, professional, and spiritual settings. 0 credits, pass/fail, $75 fee for assessments.

Consultation and Formation is a required curricular component for all professional degree students at Iliff, and a prerequisite for internship and Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE). C&F is one of the reflective tools the Office of Professional Formation uses to prepare students for growth and formation opportunities in CPE and internship, along with the required courses of Vocation and Orientation and Identity, Power, and Difference.

You must complete the Consultation and Formation during the quarter in which you register. 

The following three assignments will guide you through successful completion of Consultation & Formation: 

  1. Filling out the Informed Consent Form (You must be signed in to your email account to access the form)
  2. Completing the online assessments. These assessments require a stable internet connection and your attention for roughly two hours. 
  3. Sign up for and follow through with an appointment with Rev. Dr. Jason C. Whitehead, the Director of Consultation and Formation. Appointments can be done in-person for residential MDiv, MAPSC, MASJE students or via Zoom for Journey students and residential MDiv, MAPSC, MASJE students who cannot make it to campus. Appointment slots during Gathering Days are reserved for Journey students who wish to meet in person about their consultation.

Appointment slots vary per week and require roughly two hours of time, which includes:

    1. Time to talk about your vocational plans and/or concerns.
    2. A detailed walkthrough and interpretation of the assessments.
    3. A final reflection on your strengths and challenges, and time for questions.


Consultation & Formation Course Timetable




Week 1

Complete Informed Consent Google Form Assignment

Week 2

Complete Assessments

Weeks 3-8

Sign up for C&F appointment slots (Journey students are given priority for Gathering Days slots)

  • In-person slots for residential students (MDiv, MAPSC, MASJE)
  • Zoom video call for Journey students; residential MDiv, MASJE, MAPSC students may request a GoToMeeting appointment if unable to come to campus

C&F Director writes Interpretive reports

Week 6

Academic advising notified about students who are non-responsive and/or not completing assignments for a follow-up conversation.

Weeks 5-10

Students attend roughly 2-hour Consultation

Instructor conducts Consultations

Grading Period

Grades posted

Course Summary:

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