Course Syllabus


Prof. Carrie Doehring
I-302, ext. 169

Prof. Mark K. George
I-110, ext, 168

Course Description
Undertaking theological education in the 21st century is an opportunity rich with possibilities. Learning via digital platforms offers the opportunity to experience and understand in new ways what it means to think and reflect theologically on a host of issues, including religions in the world, the study of Bible, pastoral care, Christian history, social justice, and preaching. It also requires consideration of what it means to be in community and act with integrity in the digital age. These are some of the issues we will consider this term as we seek to enter into the adventure of theological education.

Readings: No books are required; all readings will be posted.

All parts of the syllabus are subject to review and revision at any time at the sole discretion of the professors.

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