Course Syllabus


Rev. Dr. Tom Barlow; email; 
Office: Bacon 207, 303-765-3176
Work week is Tuesday - Saturday (I take Mondays as a Sabbath day with my wife)
Cell phone for emergencies: 719-640-6726

Rev. Dr. Tom Wolfe; email

Course Information

This course is designed to equip future congregational and non-profit leaders for effective fundraising. Students will learn fundraising methodologies grounded in the theology of Christian Stewardship and general principles of Philanthropy. Core themes include:

  • An exploration of Biblical perspectives on money and stewardship
  • Consideration of the theological issues regarding scarcity and abundance
  • Practical aspects of fundraising, stewardship, and donor acquisition and retention

Gathering Days

This is a hybrid course. Our on-campus meetings are:
Monday, Oct 07, 1:00 - 05:00pm (if you're in SIFR, don't forget that you have a dinner meeting after class)
Tuesday, Oct 08, 08:00am - Noon

Course Overview

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Learning in the Online (Hybrid) Environment


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Shared Resource Pool

An article regarding Mintzberg's concepts of Deliberate and Emergent Strategies

The Duke Studies: the 2006-2007 study, and the 2015 update

The Budget of Ministries from Cycles of Discipleship (now out of print, sadly), and Barlow's deployment of that in a local church setting.


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