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Instructor: Jennifer S. Leath


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This class engages resources addressing the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social health of diverse communities from a variety of perspectives with an emphasis on African and Afro-Diasporic sources. Through this course, students will encounter a variety of perspectives on the nature, morality, justices, and injustices of health, healing, death and dying.  Alternative healing technologies emphasized in this course include diverse forms of advocacy and social protest against medical neglect, abuse, and discrimination in Western medicine – as well as proactive deployments of spirituality and faith.

This course also takes a close look at the nature of dying and death as these function in relationship to one another and in relationship to the life as it relates to health and healing.  Students will also critically engage the ways that health, healing, death, and dying function differently among different communities – and the social and experiential factors that mediate such differences.  Through interdisciplinary materials, this course invites students to consider how to pursue health, healing, death, and dying with respect to themselves, their communities, and social policies with reason and clarity about justice with respect to human existence.  Check out the syllabus here: HHDD.Syllabus Draft (2019).pdf


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