Course Syllabus

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Cathie Kelsey, Dean of the Chapel,  303-968-9812 (cell) 

Course Synopsis: How did a movement based on sharing grace become a multi-continent denomination at war with itself?  Whose voice and experiences got lost and found in the 275 years along the way of "methodism"? What in this history do you want to claim, and what do you want to reform?  These questions are bigger than one 10 week course, but in these 10 weeks you will discover how to live toward answers as a leader among the next generation of the people called Methodist.  This course is required for persons seeking ordination in The United Methodist Church (and probably in its successors, whatever they might be, as well).

We are going to be a mixed group of folks in this course - in multiple ways!

One important way we are mixed is that some of us are Iliff students taking the course as a hybrid and we'll be on campus together October 12-13, while others of us are students at Christian Theological School in Indianapolis, or are students at Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Texas and we will be online only.  But except for weeks 5 and 6, we're ALL going to learn and engage together in this space. In weeks 5 and 6 Canvas will automatically show you only the assignments relevant to you (if I set it up correctly.)  7-25-2019

UM History 2019 course assignments grid-1.docx     IF YOU ARE FINDING CANVAS CONFUSING, PRINT OUT THIS DOCUMENT!  It graphically shows you everything you need to do, week by week.  You can also email me at with the questions I have inevitably left unanswered.

Book List   final version 8-10-2018

Overview and Objectives

Policies and Services   this includes links to information about adaptations to disability, academic integrity, incompletes, and other things that keep everyone's expectations consistent.

Course Summary:

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