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This course builds upon the knowledge of Greek gained in Greek I and Greek II in order to give the student the ability and confidence necessary to study, teach, and preach from the Greek New Testament (and other related literature). This course surveys several methods used to interpret the Greek New Testament and focuses on the practical skills necessary for using Greek in teaching, writing, study, and preaching. This course aims to give the student a reading knowledge of Greek by providing the student with the opportunity to read through large chunks of the New Testament (and other related literature) and to learn all of the vocabulary that occurs 20 times or more in the Greek New Testament.



With this prospectus in mind, our goals are to do the following:

1. To acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to read and interpret the Greek

2. To recognize our own exegetical questions and predispositions;

3. To understand how our understanding of Greek informs the methods we use to

4. To become more competent in reading and understanding the Greek language.



Upon completion of this course, students should be able to do the following:

1. To read and interpret the Greek text with the help of a lexicon and grammar;

2. To select appropriate methods for interpreting passages of the Greek New

3. To use our knowledge of Greek to inform any (and all) of the exegetical methods New Testament in a responsible fashion; interpret the Greek text; Testament and to identify the exegetical predispositions and questions that we tend to lean into the most.


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