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Rev. Tom Barlow; email 

Office phone 303-765-3176; Office location is Bacon 207 (and, due to the Pandemic, I will not be there, so I'll post virtual office hours if that appears to be helpful)
Cell phone 719-640-6726 (emergencies only, please)
Note that my Iliff office hours usually fall on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. For class questions, I am available pretty much every day except Monday, which I take as a Sabbath day with my wife.

Course Description

This course offers critical and practical engagement with why and how Christian faith can be shared while honoring the distinctiveness of others. We will explore the theologies and practices that guide evangelism in modern/postmodern contexts. This course includes practical tools for thinking about who an organization is trying to reach, how to determine the makeup of a given geographic area, and what sorts of engagement will work with them. We will also explore the theological heritage of Methodism as it pertains to the overall aims of the course (other options will be considered for students of other faith traditions - please contact Tom for more information). This course is designed to meet Iliff's revised interpretation of requirements for UM ordination.

Note: This would have been a Hybrid course. We would have met on the Iliff campus (as things get sorted out, I'll be available for conversation during part of these times, and/or we will do some online gatherings to work through the project as necessary for those who need it):

    • Wednesday, April 22, 1pm - 5pm
    • Thursday, April 23, 8am - Noon

Updated Project Instructions: Church Research Project Instructions 2020.docx

Added 4/23: A demo of searching by polygons is on this newly-published page. There are also some older demos, but they also use the older interface. Everything is optional.

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